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Welcome to our family. I've chosen to call this website The Schönström Family as this is where my research started. The purpose of the website is to share the outcome of my research to anyone who has a place in the tree. My research has depth, it also has width and it has gone forwards a bit and then backwards. I've intentionally avoided any kind of systematic structure and followed branches of the tree on a whim. This is after all a hobby for me, not a job. I'm always thorough, but not always effective. This means that the branches of the family tree are a bit uneven and that´s also why you can enjoy clicking away in the tree even thoguh your name is not Schönström.

There are bios of every person in the family tree. Mostly there won't be much information there. In older times it's usually only possible to gather basic facts like birth and death dates and moves here and there. The rest needs to be filled in by your imagination. I haven't added much in moderna times either. There's a publication law preventing me to add  information on living people without their consent. That´s why it feels natural to set a boundary there. 

To enter the family tree just pick a person in the index. Then jump right in and enjoy the stay!

My email address is Please contact me if there's any information that is wrong or unwanted in any way. Also, if you would like to add material to my website, feel free to email me. Or if you would just like to complement me in a job well done!

So, again, enjoy the stay!

Joachim Schönström

The Schönström Family page